dingbat /ˈdɪŋbat/

Last year, after graduating from Loughborough in International Business and working in media for Apple iTunes and Warner Bros, I decided to ditch the big names.

Eat, Prayed, Loved my way through Southeast Asia, meditated in Buddha’s birthplace, volunteered in Kathmandu for 2 months for a women’s foundation and solo trekked Everest Basecamp.

Only then did I realise I was still chasing the big names.

Now, I’m writing TV & Film Scripts, I share my art, and I devour one video editing software after the other.

  • Do you need reparenting?

    23rd Feb 2022 by

    Once you become trauma-informed and understand your parents, while well-meaning, were fighting their own battles, you start seeing the need for reparenting everywhere.

  • How to suffer

    2nd Feb 2022 by

    n a capitalist world that rewards the mechanical status quo, it is hard work to suffer from disabilities or mental health gracefully. But since we can’t help doing it anyway, what is the best way to suffer nowadays?

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