Is the soul a myth? On dissecting identity

Let’s strip ourselves bare layer by layer
starting with skin, childhood and prayer:
Who are we beneath all we say we are?

The soul lives only in the now,
like a flash of lightning in the dark of night
illuminating all.

Talking about identity is like approximating something that exists on another dimension, without having ever fully seen it.

Image result for 8 dimensions object maths This is a tessaract – the projection (or ‘shadow‘) of a four-dimensional object into our three-dimensional space.

All we can ever say about Identity/Soul/whatever makes us us can only ever be a projection of what it actually is because we are perceiving it from a limited viewpoint: our mind and senses.

If we cannot necessarily be who others say we are,
we cannot necessarily be who we say we are.

All are operating on information limited by our perception of sensory stimuli input, subject to our thinking pattern.

It would be foolish to assume to see the whole picture of an abstract concept when we are so personally invested in it.

An abstract concept calls for abstract measures!

Image result for sun from different planets

Still the same sun.

So this is where I got to:
We are ultimately a sequence of patterns, which change daily based on our environment, habits, and biology. But the way they weave together, bounce off each other and complement each other is what we claim to be us.

What do you think?

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