UK Activist FOMO: Extinction Rebellion painting the streets

On Saturday November 30th, a UK wide flyposting movement to 12 Days of Crisis started ahead of the elections on December 12th to bring awareness to the climate & ecological emergency we are facing.

Armed with self-made wheat paste and their local groups, earth’s rebels took to the street to change the national conversation to what really counts ahead of the election: not Prince Andrew, not empty Brexit and NHS promises, definitely the suppressed Russia papers, and the looming climate emergency like yesterday.

Instead of joining in on the first day, I skipped out to go to a birthday party. This post is really for other “activists”, because it is so easy to feel like you’re not doing enough. Once you realise how real and immediate the danger is that we are in, it is hard enough not to pester other people (too much).

But how do quieten our own conscience to get enough time for self care? It is a privilege to take that time for myself when other people cannot, and it is a skill to manage this guilt.

But for now, I will share the heck out of the work my fellow rebels have been doing.
I am so incredibly proud, and cannot wait to join you all in trying to save this beautiful planet.

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