Do influencers dream of virtual reality sheep?

Where are the benefits of technology to the every day person?

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I heard this on an economy talk, and it stuck with me. Economies of scale and linear integration allowed brands to grow exponentially, however I still have not received the hoverboard I wished for when I was 10.

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Movement between social classes now require either
– years in academia or established businesses
(give up your time)
– a good portion of (bad) luck
(give up your faith)
-or the denial of personal privacy
(give up your mind and body)

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I heard Ashton Kutcher say that ‘privacy is the the new celebrity’.
You can’t have both. Privacy is a currency influencers and reality stars have started selling their stocks in.
Who else could say that fame just isn’t worth it but a celebrity?

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I’ve gotten really into the world of VR and the massive opportunities in it. I watched a tour through the human body and took the glasses off feeling like I just returned from Everest. VR looks real, it feels real, my palms got sweaty when my phone and I skyjumped, it took me a while to readjust to reality. I felt so full coming back to my room.

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What does one dream off when any wishes a genie could make come true did come true? I think after a certain point, after we’ve watched ourselves need something desperately just to feel shit all over again a thousand times, nomatter how high we move our expectations, we realise that anything we’ve ever wanted and could ever want is inherently empty. Needing things and people is empty, and ultimately brings emptiness.
And the only way to be full is to create and empty yourself.

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