If I’d been born a man, I’d be dead by now.

The vast majority of UK suicides are male. Why is it they believe death is an appropriate verdict for their shame?

Fear of the name is fear of the thing itself.

Concerning matters of the heart, women have greater freedom of speech.
The stigma of emotional volatility brings an expectation to be erratic.

When men speak of anything that is considered unmanly, they are punished for it by their peers (for what they wear, what they say, what they like, what they eat, what they sound like).

When you, a staunch feminist, is glad to agree with Milo, a staunch alt-righter
No idea who this guy is but I also agree with this tweet.

We need to talk about DEATH.

suicide ideation is as natural
as joy and sadness.

it’s that or murder if you wanna face mortality!

Wouldn’t YOU rather choose to stay alive than pretend you’ll never die?

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