Nirvana and The Philosopher’s Stone

In Buddhism, eternal life is attained by turning negative karma into enlightenment.

In Greek Mythology, eternal life is attained through the Philosopher’s Stone, by turning metal into gold.

To get both the Philosopher’s Stone and Englightenment of course, one need’s immense skill, patience and the absence of three nosy wizards.

Instead of seeing boundaries, I choose to see bridges.
The problem is, I will still look crazy from the outside.

Early texts on the philosophers stone:

“all infirmities might be cured, human life prolonged to its utmost limits, and mankind preserved in health and strength of body and mind, clearness and vigour. All wounds are healed by it without difficulty, and it is the best and surest remedy against poisons”

‘Mike’ on his enlightenment experience:

“I had been meditating alone in my room all morning,” Mike recalls, when someone knocked on my door. I heard the knock perfectly clearly, and upon hearing it I knew that, although there was no “waking up” before hearing the knock, for some indeterminate length of time prior to the knocking I had not been aware of anything in particular. I had been awake but with no content for my consciousness. Had no one knocked I doubt that I would ever have become aware that I had not been thinking or perceiving.

No wound, no knock.

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