My God is stronger than yours #poem

My God is stronger than yours For he lives in sinners and saints alike He seeps through skin with rain not wars Divides your lies from words before his strike Your God cries and you're non the wiser Pray for cravings and still vex his light Ask for the world, watch him swallow advisors Now... Continue Reading →

My kind of magic (hint you’re it)

My new reality is stringed together by moments of connectivity and self-care. I search for these gems amid the crowd in gigs, on a protest with strangers, in the eyes of my pets. I feel my endorphins dancing when hearing my friends voice, and I am addicted to it. I choose them especially when I... Continue Reading →

For the love of #poem

On the days when my friends all cancel or its my turn my fridge is empty and my mood more so i wish i'd rather be in church No holy water ever touched my head No saintly seizure my brain Yet here I sit and talk of God And drip his wine into my vein

Words taint you #poem

do you ever get one of those feelings like levelling up or no longer broke countdowns up and your boost doubled thats me when i listened and you spoke. burn these lines and jail all poets who cage your light before they see then compare thee to a lousy day sing of God to death... Continue Reading →

Moral consistency in a burning world

After watching Freeman Dyson speak about his time with the Royal Air force during World War II in A Glorious Accident, I got to thinking about the notion of criminality. Ego's, which are often blamed for crimes, start as inherently healthy. Egos become in- or deflated to cope with trauma, and hence are a defence... Continue Reading →

Awareness as a currency

Who do you spend the most time on? What do you worry about the most? Where do you wish you’d rather be? Have you poked your thoughts enough to make sure they are your own? Have you already noticed how you eat way too fast, not chewing your food, not choosing your words, always missing... Continue Reading →

Doom and revolt

On good days, I follow the caravan of love I praise the lord and inshallah fold my hands On bad days, the revolt is waiting for me To curse your fickle temples to hell What is love but being compelled to give myself To those who want me the least Who deserve me the least... Continue Reading →

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