Is sharing caring?

Sharing welcome information certainly is, and I hope not to sound too judgy here. If a thought can be a sin, surely we’re all sinners. and isn’t writing using repetitive hand movements to facilitate my thought process (at least here)? Why do I feel guilty for using conversation as a tool to organise my mind?... Continue Reading →


A heart hurt is a heart grown Stretched to the darkest corners of your mind A mind ripped is a mind won Evil does not knock, it purrs I kiss tired shadows who have shown whats mine is yours, and what we find is guilt and all fear gone Love does not ring, it blurs... Continue Reading →

My lines lie

Dented and hollow, Blurry blasts of fresh air fresh from the tree My bones can breathe again My heart howls Drowsy and hot Rain rushes from suns and gushes in glee My tongue can taste again. My eyes hound you Quiet and still Webbing up thoughts and letting down peers My life can start again.

Waiting in the wings

I wish the mentally unwell would wear stars My family is hard to find these days We could form an army like the nightsky And be hounded as a pack My spine has started to grow roots And I actually don’t mind being alive With samplings as dried up as ours We need all the... Continue Reading →

At the moment

My life is a spiral, ending in you,starting in fog, red and blue. Lord knows what I'll run into.You might choose me now, true,tomorrow, who's knows what you'll do. At the moment I miss you enough not to tell you.Come watch the streetlights turn blue,let's see what our dreams come to.Who care's what's right or... Continue Reading →

Kill Your Darlings

Faulkner first said this about writing, then Ginsberg, then Stephen King. It’s one of my mantras, but why? Let’s forget about writing. Kill your darlings but kill your enemies too. Not literally, but the ones we carry in our hearts. Forgive them by yourself, and cut your own heart into a million pieces. I feel... Continue Reading →

Is patience really just distraction?

I’m asking cause I have no clue. The only time I am patient is when frankly, I have other stuff to worry about. I think my problem with patience is that I link it with some strange power struggle. Sometimes being patient can be patronising, and sometimes when you think you’re being patient you’re actually... Continue Reading →

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