Feeling of choice #poem

You run through my neurons like your touch through my veins,what pains me the cure was to abstain again. It sure was your pure heart that taught me to beat my brain,what ways are part of love and which are migraine. From an itch to a soul sprain, I felt no painbut what day I... Continue Reading →

Car crash coloured sky #poem

Pray for the city shining through puddles Soaking my parka and pizza and soul Say this pilgrim expects cuddles After a long and weary walk home. Traffic lights in bloom, they stop, I run A jungle of fluorescent smog my goal Home is where there is no sun Only traffic and a commune of moles.... Continue Reading →

My kind of magic (hint you’re it)

My new reality is stringed together by moments of connectivity and self-care. I search for these gems amid the crowd in gigs, on a protest with strangers, in the eyes of my pets. I feel my endorphins dancing when hearing my friends voice, and I am addicted to it. I choose them especially when I... Continue Reading →

The river in my lymbic system #poem

Veins form crosses on my forehead Count them on me after church Tummy rumbles for lessons so morbid Sinners can't help to search So I sit down for sermons and bow with praise because I've learned of hearts bruised since I've met slumber in delay for I've known bodies used

Manicfestation #poem

a wide grey canvas clouds my eyes wall of pine trees stretching high in between, a stone sits shy peel off moss: here he lies rotten bouquet sprouting flies joined by you and me and sky flecks of blackbirds passing by breathe out desperate, inhale wide cold fresh air and specks of light any ghosts... Continue Reading →

Words taint you #poem

do you ever get one of those feelings like levelling up or no longer broke countdowns up and your boost doubled thats me when i listened and you spoke. burn these lines and jail all poets who cage your light before they see then compare thee to a lousy day sing of God to death... Continue Reading →

From the sublime to the ridiculous #poem

How lovely to walk in the dark Skies to kiss my echoes Streetlights burning frivolous How strange to dodge the waves Lapping at sand my size Latching on scales limitless How fragile to quieten the thoughts From my bed to the sea From the sublime to the ridiculous

Sand in my belly button #poem

Stretching my toes onto cold wooden floor My fingers undo whatever i wore Poking at buttons i got from a store My belly deletes all of your wars Sand without beach carried within Sadness only hides in my grin Screams carried in wind cannot begin Without first hiding in my delicate skin

Freezing war #poem

  Knotted face on nodding spine Claimed this home before your time Pinned the sky onto your eye Then turned around and said goodbye   Then churned a sound to cause your fright How a while can screech so wild When steps stretch craters wide Death tonight is really taking its time   Scratched the... Continue Reading →

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