Car crash coloured sky #poem

Pray for the city shining through puddles Soaking my parka and pizza and soul Say this pilgrim expects cuddles After a long and weary walk home. Traffic lights in bloom, they stop, I run A jungle of fluorescent smog my goal Home is where there is no sun Only traffic and a commune of moles.... Continue Reading →

Open on Monday

What makes people get out at bed at 1,2,3,5 amwhen the sky itself is just a sk- I too feel fine anddrink my coffee til i survive this 9 to 5but why put on a smilewhen i could be shouting about why - and how and whenand when will we finally come clear see clear-ly... Continue Reading →

The rebellions uniform

not a bad place to lie down It is strange to see my city in uproar Suits replaced by woolen scarfs conscience marked on my very street Next to banks towers and hands Hills and mountains rise up now Shining my way back to my flat Burning through eyelids somehow Grabbing my bag and raising... Continue Reading →

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