Hope for Helplessness

In my own journey of trauma recovery, I've discovered the heaviness of helplessness among victims of abuse. How does one get over the lingering feeling of not being able to do ANYTHING to stop what is happening right now? Research showed that a traumatised mind lives in a traumatised body that carries all our forgotten... Continue Reading →


Our lives were one from the start And will stay one with all mother’s lives Whatever we do, its too late Too late, she says I see you in every woman And behind every man Where am I? Am I in your belly? Under your foot? On your back? All I know is I’m there... Continue Reading →

Awareness as a currency

Who do you spend the most time on? What do you worry about the most? Where do you wish you’d rather be? Have you poked your thoughts enough to make sure they are your own? Have you already noticed how you eat way too fast, not chewing your food, not choosing your words, always missing... Continue Reading →

Sub 2-hour marathons and critical chaos

If the impossible knows a limit, it certainly is not in the brain. A Washington University paper confirms one of the predictions in favour of criticality maximising information processing in neural networks. "We were surprised to find that, in our models, it was largely accounted for by a population of inhibitory neurons that, in retrospect,... Continue Reading →

I Give You Back BY Joy Harjo

I release you, my beautiful and terrible fear. I release you. You were my belovedand hated twin, but now, I don’t know you as myself.I release you with all thepain I would know at the death of my children. You are not my blood anymore. I give you back to the soldierswho burned down my... Continue Reading →

My favourite Shantideva Prayer

May All Being every wherePlagued by suffering of body and mindObtain an ocean of happiness and joyBy virtue of my merits. May no living creature suffer,Commit evil or ever fall ill.May no one be afraid or feel belittled,With a mind weighed down by depression. May the blind see forms,And the deaf hear sounds.May those whose... Continue Reading →

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